sina cosmetics

Sina cosmetics is one of the oldest cosmetics companies in Egypt as it started from more than & decades.

Over those long years, we have carried out many stages of expansions and improvements up till now.

We are among the first factories in Egypt that are approved and licensed by the ministry of health and

the central administration of pharmaceutical affairs who admired our equipment and our style of work.

Our work policy is to make sure of the quality control in choosing, designing and manufacturing our

products as well as testing them thoroughly in order to win the customer's trust which is increasing


We also register our formulas in the Ministry of Health before releasing them to markets.

We usually attend the international cosmetics exhibitions everywhere  to be aware of what is innovated

in equipment or products or machines in order to cope up with the latest innovations.

We have a special research department that specializes In producing  a high quality tested products all the time as well as adding new products.

We crowns our work with total and complete Quality control system over all the company's department (purchasing high quality raw  materials - manufacturing  and  packing - Testing the  final  products  Chemically , physically  and microbiologically).

We care about quality as well as the production of large quantities as we have full automatic machines that ensure the product accuracy and quality . No one touches the products until reaching the hand of our customers except in the stage of taking the packed & wrapped product.

We are unique in having production lines for cream , lipstick , powders & filling tubes.

Our company covers all the branches of cosmetics ( Make up care - skin care – Face care – Hair care – Nail care – Man care ) & we do not forget also perfumes .our vision

We believe the children are the future, make them feel the

beauty they possessed with our products